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The Transaction Platform

The Transaction Platform will allow all realtors the opportunity to push the envelop of lead generation and marketing automation the a whole new level...

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Generate, Manage, And Close More Real Estate Transaction Than Ever Before

The Transaction Platform
Real estate marketing automation at its finest. 

Google PPC marketing, Facebook marketing, landing pages design and deployment, home valuations pages, CRM, Dialers, two-text messaging, voicemail drop and advanced marketing automation.    GAME CHANGER

Do you want to generate leads or TRANSACTIONS?

Generating leads is easy, generation TRANSACTIONS is what we are all about.

Managed PPC Marketing

Managed Google Marketing

Let us achieve the highest ROI possible.

Professional Manager PPC Services

Our dedicated account managers will ensure the highest ROI possible.

Accurate Reporting

Get a full bird eye view of what is going on in your Google Marketing campaigns with full transparency and commitment.

Get Informed Of Additional Opportunities

We will keep you abreast of money saving and marketing maximizing opportunities

Account Manager With Experereince

Our experienced PPC account managers will work hard to ensure you don't have to.

Landing Page Development

High converting funnels

Optimized for conversions 100% of the time.

 High converting funnels

Advanced Marketing Automation

Kick Your Communication Automation Into Overdrive

Simply calling is not enough...

Automate Email, Call, & Text

Set action based and time based automated texts, voicemail drops, text, and emails all from one single simple user interface.

Custom Workflow Automation

Our custom workflow automation setup is so simple anyone can do it. No programming required.

Easy To Use CRM

Our State Of The Art CRM Is Simple, Clean, And Powerful

With customer workflow automation with email, SMS, and voice the possibilities are endless.

Our State Of The Art CRM Is Simple, Clean, And Powerful

Our Platform Is Used By Disrupters At

Everything you need to take your real estate game to the next level

This is your new all in one marketing portal.   No more using 4-6 systems to get inferior results.

What can your best self do with adequate automation?

Our advanced automation platform lets you schedule texts messages, voicemails, calls, Facebook messages and more all from one easy to use platform.

Automate Texting, Voice Mail And Calls.

Set up your custom marketing automation and let our software do the rest.  

Automate Social Media Marketing

Its essential to automate as much of your real estate business as possible including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for starters.

Pricing Packages

Great Prices, Extreme Value
The Transaction Platform- Light
Landing Page Builder, CRM, Text, Advanced Email Marketing
Up To 500 New Leads Per Month
Up to 2 Landing Pages
One User
Texts Messages 0.05/Each Voicemail Drops 0.10/Each Voice Calls 0.02/ Per Minute
The Transaction Platform- Standard
Landing Page Builder, CRM, Text, Advanced Email Marketing
Up To 1000 New Leads Per Month
Up To 10 Landing Pages
Up To 2 Users
Texts Messages 0.025/Each Voicemail Drops 0.09/Each Voice Calls 0.025/ Per Minute
The Transaction Platform- Fully Automate
Landing Page Builder, CRM, Text, Advanced Email Marketing
Up To 5000 New Leads Per Month
Up to 50 Landing Pages
Up to 5 Users
Texts Messages 0.02/Each Voicemail Drops 0.05/Each Voice Calls 0.02/ Per Minute

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